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Mixed Media Collage / Handmade Paper
Susan Ullman's workspace where she creates her mixed media collages and handmade papers.

Susan Ullman defies tradition by stretching her materials beyond conventional limits.


She playfully mixes paper, paints, and pastels to create a sense of fantasy and magic.  The unique rhythmic dimension of her work is accomplished through a process devised by the artist.  The background is layered with pearlessence and acrylic paints to create depth and texture.  Spray painting is then applied to create further depth and a sense of movement.


Susan Ullman uses a wide collection of handmade papers – many of which she makes herself.  She layers and weaves the papers in such a way as to create a textural, dream-like effect.


The use of paints, pastels, metallic and oriental papers, and gold leaf are also used to enhance her designs.

Susan Ullman has a strong need to retain magic and fantasy in her living experience, as reflected in her art.


For what is art, but one’s dreams!



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